Pub Quiz Machine 2008

Pub Quiz Machine 2008 1.0

A free general knowledge quiz game with over 6000 trivia questions
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How good is your general knowledge?
If you enjoy trivia, playing pub quizzes or just like to test your general knowledge then this is the game for you. It contains over 6000 quiz questions covering a wide range of categories from literature, television, film, geography, history, science, sports, mathematics, biology, astronomy, religion and many more.
The questions start off easy enough but gradually get harder and harder making it a game suitable for players of all ages and intelligence. All of the questions present you with four options from which to choose the correct answer and there are lifelines available once you have earned enough points. The lifelines are 50:50 - where two wrong answers are removed, and Free Answer - where the correct answer is selected for you. Picture questions are also presented at random and tyou can choose to play against the clock if you feel brave enough.
Extra questions are available for download to make sure you never get bored with the same old questions over and over again. New sets of questions will be released whenever they are available.

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